5 Things About Christianity


Christianity is one such religion that is much popular in the whole world. There are so many people who follow this religion and its root can be found spread in fact almost all the corners of the world. There are so many facts about this religion that makes one feel much towards following it. The spiritual and also other factors related with a religion needs to be known before somebody thinking about choosing that and following that. There are quite a lot of information about your religion that may amaze you or make you think. Here are some such facts related with Christianity.

Era of Martyrs

This is a timeframe which can be regarded as the black age for the Christians. It happened during the time when Romans ruled and they punished and made the ones who followed Christianity to go through so many hardships that they find their lives really hard to live. The rulers of Roman empire treated Christians as the weird ones who do not follow the pagan gods who were the major ones worshiped during that era. In the 303 AD they did the extreme of what they could do by killing 5000 Christians. It is not the religion that just evolved all in a sudden but with lot of struggle and bloodshed. Those individuals who agreed to follow the Roman religion and then gave sacrifice for their gods were pardoned during this execution. It is one of the times that really made the Christians to live in threat of life.

Countries which Persecuted Christianity

There are around 50 countries in which Christianity was not allowed and this include Central Africa,Myanmar, China and North Korea. North Korea is the place where the citizens worship their leader as god. This is the place where people who had any religious worship used to get prosecuted in very severe manner. There was a time in Central Africa when the muslims got power there who were rebels and who tortured Christians like animals, murdering, kidnapping, raping, robbing and doing all the possible torture to them.

Meaning of Christian

Christian is the world that is used in bible only for three times. Christian is the world that means the one who listens to the call of the God and follow Jesus Christ and his words. Bible even has even clearly stated that for a person to be Christian he should be baptized, repent and also follow Jesus in all aspects. Jesus is the name that is mentioned more time in Quran compared to bible. It is said that Jesus is the son of Mary and has been sent to earth by Allah to do his works. It is said that the one who calls Jesus as son of god will be cursed. Jews say Uzair is Allah’s son and Christians say it is Jesus.

Number of People in Church

It is true that China was hesitant in the beginning to accept Christianity but the statistics shows that the number of people who are in church in this place is much higher than that of Europe.

Denominations in Christianity

It is found that about 33830 denominations can be found in Christianity as per the Christian encyclopedia. The beliefs and also the ones who they worship as saints may vary.